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Dig The Lunaris Records Covers? We Chat With Artist Devon Whitehead!

I don’t know about you guys, but pretty much from the moment I could put a pencil to paper, I tried to draw monsters. And as a life long horror fan, I’ve always had a tremendous appreciation and respect for artists, especially those that worked either in comics or within the horror realm. These days, […]


SCREAMFEST 2015 Report!

One of Los Angeles best and most anticipated horror film festivals of the year is always Screamfest, as it always takes place around mid-October, just as everyone is at the height of their Halloween celebration frenzy. And so, patrons of the festival are in the spooky mood and anxious to be introduced to what Pinhead […]


EXCLUSIVE: TALES OF HALLOWEEN Pics, Video, and Interview with Dave Parker and Austin Falk

The new Halloween anthology, TALES OF HALLOWEEN, premiered at ScreamFest in Los Angeles this week to a sold out crowd! The film will be hitting select theaters as well as VOD tonight, October 16th. We caught up with director, Dave Parker, and his lead actor, Austin Falk, to get the background about how this soon-to-be […]