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Limited Edition Blu-Ray Of Dario Argento’s TENEBRAE Now Up For Pre-Order!

When it comes to restoring cult classic movies, I doubt you’ll find a company that’s as committed as Synapse-Films. The level of care and detail they put into every single one of their releases is astounding and I always order their stuff with confidence, knowing each is going to be the best possible presentation of said […]


The Art of Horror: 10 Stylish Examples of Horror Movies about Art

There is a rarely used plot device that I have always loved in horror films- the concept of art. Be it just references to paintings, dark mysteries built around strange artwork, possessed portraits, or even stories about the artists themselves, I find it incredibly compelling and enthralling when the art world and man’s most sinister […]


5 Horror Soundtracks To Kick Off Your Vinyl Collection With

“Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin” – Jim Morrison As we head into 2016 the market for soundtrack/scores on vinyl is on a high that hasn’t been seen in years, if at all ever. According to Amazon, turntables were their biggest selling audio product in 2015. […]


Does Classic Italian Eurohorror Have a Place in the Modern Genre?

The following guest editorial was written by Ted Geoghegan, writer/director of this year’s new horror sensation WE ARE STILL HERE, which premieres today on Blu-ray & DVD. While most would agree the modern slasher film was born in Canada with 1974’s BLACK CHRISTMAS, it rose to prominence in the United States, where, to this day, […]

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Watch This! 5 Great Horror Movies Now Streaming on Netflix!

Check out these five killer horror films now streaming on Netflix Instant.