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Is That A Soul Stealing Demon Hottie Or Are You Just Glad To Kill Me? The Fatal Allure Of THE SUCCUBUS

It’s a Tinder nightmare! The most beautiful girl of your dreams is now sitting beside you and is ready to romp and roll. In an ecstatic hallucinogenic haze, you succumb and as your precious bodily fluid drains away in a sea of orgiastic bliss, you suddenly realize your very soul has been stripped away forever […]

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Fact Or Fiction? Are These Some Of The Scariest Things Caught On Video?

The fine fiends over on the TOP5’s You Tube channel, along with YouTube’s spot-on algorithm are at it again! Every time I sign in to watch some nerdy Batman clip (the BvS kill count is pretty great!) or a music video (all about Wolfie’s Just Fine this week), a handful of real life scare videos […]


Slashback! SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II Features the Best Slasher Weapon EVER

As a slasher fan for more than half my lifetime, I’ll be the first to admit that there’s not always a lot of variation on the genre’s time-worn tropes, even during the Golden Age. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course; one of the things that identifies any genre (be it spaghetti western, giallo, film noir, take […]

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The Strange Haunted History Of The White House!

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is known for many things. It has the Oval Office. The President of the United States lives there. It has a movie theater inside somewhere. Some of the greatest human minds have spent a night, or multiple nights, under the roof of the White House. Some even claim it is haunted as […]


Time to Call it Quits?: An Open Letter to SUPERNATURAL

I love you, SUPERNATURAL, but it is time you moved on. The CW stalwart is about to enter its TWELFTH season, making it one of the longest-running scripted dramas on TV (the only currently-airing dramas that beat it are NCIS, LAW & ORDER: SVU, CRIMINAL MINDS and GREY’S ANATOMY). Hell, SUPERNATURAL has been around longer […]

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Exorcist Claims This Footage Shows a Woman Possessed by Demonic “Jinn”

Over the weekend, a bizarre and disturbing 15-minute video was uploaded to YouTube which its posters claim is footage of a young woman under the control of supernatural entities known as Shaytan Jinn — beings originally described in Arabic folklore, and later considered by some Muslims to be powerful and malicious creatures in league with […]


Watch a Chilling EXCLUSIVE Clip From Korean Supernatural Thriller THE WAILING!

We’re always stoked to share news from the world of Korean horror cinema (be sure to check out our watchlist of intense genre offerings from that country), and today we’re proud to be able to give you an exclusive sneak peek from THE WAILING, a new paranormal shocker from acclaimed director Na Hong-jin (THE CHASER). […]

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This New iPhone Came Pre-Loaded with the Most Horrifying Selfie EVER

Popular YouTube user Julian Cavalero got the shock of his life when he booted up his brand new iPhone and discovered his camera roll wasn’t empty, but contained a single shiver-inducing image: The photo shown here — the origin of which has yet to be determined — depicts a young woman with pale, grayish skin […]


Who Ya Gonna Call? 2nd Trailer For GHOSTBUSTERS Is Here!

We got our first look at the new GHOSTBUSTERS movie a few months back, and as can be expected with a huge property like this, reactions were all across the board! Now, Sony Pictures has released a second full length trailer which gives us a hell of a lot more ghost action, including Slimer! Have […]


Check Out the Nightmarish New Trailer for INCARNATE!

It looks like the arrival of an “arch-demon” might be raising the stakes in the demonic possession genre this Fall — at least if the first trailer for INCARNATE is any indication of what’s to come. A new feature production directed by Brad Peyton (SAN ANDREAS), produced by our own Jason Blum and released through […]

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Secret Search for the “Gateway of the Mind” Ends in Horror — and Death

According to most accounts, today’s creepypasta allegedly took place within an undisclosed scientific facility in the year 1983, and its status as one of the internet’s most terrifying mysteries has been steadily rising since it was first circulated via Reddit’s NoSleep community in 2012. While it bears a strong resemblance to another infamous urban legend, […]

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Five Frightening Features of L.A.’s Historic (and Possibly Haunted) Griffith Park!

Among Angelenos and tourists alike, L.A.’s famous Griffith Park is one of the standout attractions the city has to offer. Apart from being the location for a plethora of classic films (such as ARMY OF DARKNESS, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, and many more), the spectacular views and parkland-adorned walking trails make it difficult to imagine […]

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Does This Dead Man’s Hand Have Supernatural Powers?

This gruesome artifact was reportedly discovered in the early 20th century, lodged in the wall of an ancient cottage in Castleton, Derbyshire, in the UK: a severed, mummified human hand. Local historian Joseph Ford, who found the horrific object, delivered it to the Whitby Museum in 1935, claiming that the grisly find was a “Hand of Glory” […]