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Nine Lesser-Known Horror Gems Currently Streaming on Netflix

Netflix does a great job of delivering a wide variety of genre pics for us lunatics to consume in abundance. But sometimes we tend to skim over the titles that don’t ring a bell — and that’s a serious no-no, as Netflix has been adding sleeper hits for a long time now. The following films […]


5 Excessively Gory and Gross Horror Movies Now on Netflix

Hey, Gorehounds! There are some marvelous, hyper-splattery horror flicks available on Netflix this week. Below we have curated a list of 5 choice selections that are guaranteed not only to provide top-notch horror, but also to poke your gag reflex. So let’s grab some popcorn that you may later regret eating and embark on a stomach-churning […]

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5 RECENT Chilling Horror Films Now Streaming on NETFLIX Instant

Searching for some contemporary horror that you may not have seen yet? Netflix has a great assortment of both old and new horror to keep you gratified. Check out our list below of five horror films that have released within the past year, all of which are Blumhouse approved, guaranteed to chill your bones, and […]