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History of THE PLANET OF THE APES Part 5: End of the Apes

Catch up here! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Despite the violence of CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, families showed up to the theater, creating a fourth hit APES film for Fox. With the money still coming in, Fox ordered up a fifth film, and producer Arthur Jacobs got to work […]

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8 STAR WARS Saga Plot Holes You Haven’t Noticed

Their power over pop culture is undeniable, and even people who never go to the movies know what ‘may the force be with you’ means. Until 1999, the STAR WARS saga seemed unassailable. Looking back, the acting was ropey, the script infantile and the plotting messy, but it wasn’t until the advent of Jar Jar […]


Ready To Get Nostalgic With This ROGUE ONE VHS Inspired TV Spot?

Never underestimate the power of the force. Nor the sheer will and talent of STAR WARS fanatics. Case in point, just last week, we saw a super-fan, and mighty fine editor, put together the closing moments of ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY and the beginning of STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE into […]


Watch ROGUE ONE’s Finale Seamlessly Edited Into STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE’s Opening!

When it comes to the greatest, most bad-ass villains in cinema history, it’s tough for anyone to top Darth Vader. I mean, as a little kid, when I first saw the original STAR WARS, he terrified me! But, of course, as you get a bit older and continue marathoning the original trilogy, he emerges not […]


Darth Maul Gets His Due In This Epic Fan-Made STAR WARS Short Film

During the holiday break, the one thing on everyone’s mind had to be STAR WARS! With ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY in theaters, it seemed like everyone took the opportunity to check out the first stand-alone feature in the now-on-going and annual STAR WARS franchise. If anything, it wiped away the image of Darth […]


Believe It Or Not, These Actresses Were Almost Mary In PSYCHO 2!

While Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece PSYCHO will always be considered a watershed moment in cinematic horror history, over the years, it’s 1983 sequel, helmed by director Richard Franklin from a script by Tom Holland, has also become it’s own revered horror classic! A big part of what makes the movie still hold up so well […]

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Don’t Hate! Your Childhood Is Still Intact

This may sound weird coming from a guy who wrote a whole thing not that long ago about how we need to stop supporting bad horror movies, but I think we all need to take a step back and quit hating. If you read my piece on bad horror movies and not supporting them, I […]

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Watch the World’s Most Epic Dad Turn His Four-Year-Old Into an Action Movie Star

This has been a pretty rough week for all of us, so I thought maybe I could do my small part to help by ushering a little awesomeness into your weekend. As kids, we’ve always imagined ourselves as our favorite movie, TV and comic book heroes when we’re playing with our toys (and by “toys” […]


The Masters Of Horror Talk THE FLY Franchise On SHOCK WAVES!

On the latest episode of Shock Waves, join your hosts Rebekah McKendry, Elric Kane and (yours truly) Rob Galluzzo as they talk all the latest horrors! Elric and Rob discuss their thoughts on THE CONJURING 2, currently the number one movie in America! Elric also spent 20 hours on an airline flight catching up on THE […]


We Chat With PHANTASM Writer/Director Don Coscarelli!

Don Coscarelli is not only one of our favorite filmmakers in the genre, but in our humble opinion also one of the most underrated of the “Masters Of Horror” gang. His last 2 films alone, JOHN DIES AT THE END and BUBBA HO-TEP are as vibrant, radical and fun as his horror debut PHANTASM was […]


The Donald Pleasence/Christopher Lee HALLOWEEN That Should Have Been

As horror fans, we love to hear stories of the movies that almost happened; the projects that almost came to be; the talent that almost teamed up for what could’ve been, at the very least, a memorable moment in genre cinema. There have been a slew of documentaries coming out in the last few years […]


With Teeth: Ten H.R. Giger ALIEN Inspired Creatures

As a tribute to H.R. Giger I thought it would be interesting to pull together ten spinoffs of his classic ALIEN creature. Some will refer to them as rip-offs, but as a fan of monsters I see them as inspired art. These designs show how Giger’s surrealist xenomorphic design changed, fueled and influenced the face […]


You Can Thank JJ Abrams For The New PHANTASM 4K Restoration!

Of all the horror classics out there, PHANTASM is the last hold out in terms of getting a proper high def release on Blu-Ray. Well with the following news, and a new movie PHANTASM V: RAVAGER on the horizon, here’s hoping we’re one step closer to that Blu-Ray release of either the original or a box […]