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I Was a Witness to the GET OUT “Garden Party Massacre!”

Nestled into the leafy hills of Universal City, CA lies a cul-de-sac called Colonial Street — a set of seemingly innocuous suburban houses which have served, over the years, as the location for shows like LEAVE IT TO BEAVER and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. It was against this backdrop that Universal Pictures decided (with no small amount […]


Five Curious Things About X-FILES: Episode 3 — “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”

For those who have been a little “meh” about THE X-FILES’ return, this episode should restore your faith. It is loaded with humor, weirdness, and geeky guest stars (Rhys Darby). Plus there are a lot of in-jokes for long time X-philes. Mulder is starting to lose his belief in monsters, but luckily a new case […]