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Shocking Scientific Study Finds Spiders Could Devour Every Human on Earth

We shouldn’t just assume a headline as insanely terrifying as this couldn’t be possible… but I can confirm it comes verified from peer-reviewed scientific papers, with all the necessary data to back it up. In other words, it wouldn’t take much for a literal Arachno-pocalypse to occur… and if it did, we’d probably be ill-equipped […]

Real Life Scares 

Spiders, Sharks, Scorpions and More Horrors from the Headlines

Face it, folks: the world we live in is getting weirder by the minute. Seriously, at this point, the urge to retreat into a world of fictional monsters is nearly impossible to resist. But journalists still have a job to do (even if we’re just writing about demon sightings, botched exorcisms and… uh, Florida?). Honest, well-researched […]

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Giant Mutant Spiders and Other Nightmarish Creatures Actually Found in Sewers

To most of us, the sewer is a place where we send everything we no longer want, need, or would just like to forget about. However, there may come a time when what goes down may eventually come up. Therefore, it is of the up-most importance that we keep track of what may be living down […]

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Watch This Man Stuff Live Vampire Bats, Snakes and Tarantulas in His Mouth

I guess these clips are going to need a little setup. So there’s this guy, right? And he shoves horrifying live creatures into his mouth. Um… that’s pretty much it. Wait, you need more than that? Really? Okay, fine… you asked for it. The man depicted in the footage below is Arteval Duarte, an environmental activist […]

Real Life Scares 

Man Live-Tweets His Horrifying Encounter With a “Spider Tornado”

On a business trip to teach disaster-response classes to emergency workers in Fort Myers, Florida, FEMA contractor Chris Tarantino (no relation) picked up a rental car — something he’d done many times before without incident. But this Tuesday, Chris realized his emergency training was totally inadequate to deal with the horrors he was about to […]

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Are You Ready to Meet the Terrifying Spider Named… Brian?

Scientists in Australia have identified a new species of spider… and named it “Brian.” Found near Brisbane, Brians (full name dolomedes briangreenei) spend their days flitting about on the surfaces of godforsaken Australian streams, waiting until an insect, fish, or tadpole comes near them. They then grab their prey, drag them back to land, and […]

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Absolutely Freaky Urban Legends about Spiders

Spiders always get a bad rap, and with urban legends like these, it’s no wonder they do! Here are five “true” tales of spider terror to keep you up at night and cowering in fear during the day, all told to me by a “friend of a friend”.   TWO-STRIPED TELAMONIA SPIDER On the opposite […]

Real Life Scares 

Monster Arachnid Species “BEHEMOTH” Discovered in Oregon

The scientific name for this new-found arachnid would be perfect for either an extreme metal band or a demonic super-villain: Cryptomaster behemoth. Yeah, that information alone should be enough to send arachnophobes running for the nearest hermetically-sealed, sterile environment. Everyone else stick around, ‘cuz I’m just getting started here. According to CNN, the behemoth is […]



Pretty much from the moment the first A Very Spooky… went up, I started getting people recommending I do PUNKY BREWSTER’s two part epic, THE PERILS OF PUNKY. Somehow, even though I was the perfect age for Punky and her gang, I was never into the show when I was a kid. I dug Punky’s […]


The Not So Itsy-Bitsy Spiders: Remembering TARANTULA and ARACHNOPHOBIA!

Eight legs. Multiple eyes. Poisonous fangs. Suffocating silk cocoons. We larger species are lucky that spiders don’t come any bigger. Spiders the size of dogs would be, let’s face it, problematic for us. It’s really no wonder that super-­sized spiders have been dangled in front of our movie-­going faces for years. From the legendary lost […]

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Our Ten Creepiest Real-Life Horror Stories From 2015

We all know that today’s news headlines are way scarier than anything our imaginations can conjure up — and I’m not even going to speculate on what kind of person might actually find any entertainment in the horrors of real life. But there’s a particular type of scary story — the kind so creepy it straddles […]

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Man Sticks His Hand Into a Hole, Pulls Out Hundreds of Spiders

The unidentified dad seen in this video is completely arachnophobia-free… or totally batshit insane. Either way, watching what he does in the clip could give almost anyone nightmares for weeks. When the man and a group of kids (at least one of which is his own) discover that a fist-sized hole in a rock wall […]

Real Life Scares 

Tennessee Neighborhood Blanketed by Millions of Spiders

Last week, it seemed that the Tennessee spider invasion had begun when the residents of North Memphis woke to discover a massive network of spider webs, measuring nearly half a mile long, stretched across their neighborhood. Local NBC affiliate WMC Action News 5 reported the event as a freak occurrence — but experts suggest the […]