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You Will Never Get to See the Ultraviolent Movie PIG, But We Can Describe It To You

Film festivals are typically a time to look forward, debuting new and exciting motion pictures that will soon (hopefully) wind up in theaters and home entertainment systems near you. That’s certainly the case for most of the films at South By Southwest (SXSW) this year, but there was one notable exception. There was one film […]

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Five SXSW Horror-Thrillers You Have to See (and One You Never Will)

The dignity of film festivals falls by the wayside a few minutes before midnight, when the monsters come out. That’s especially true for the illustrious South By Southwest (SXSW) film festival, with a popular “Midnighters” program that highlights scary movies, violent comedies, and bizarre experiments in audience discomfort. I attended SXSW 2017 last weekend, where […]

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This Nightmare Robot Says She Will “Destroy Humans”

We’ve ventured recently into the “Uncanny Valley” with our story about an uncomfortably realistic robot named Nadine, but this latest bit of skin-crawling android weirdness is surely the next step toward the inevitable robot apocalypse. At this year’s South By Southwest, Texas company Hanson Robotics unveiled “Sophia,” one of their many robotic creations. Capable of […]


Mike Flanagan’s HUSH to Premiere at SXSW, Then Coming to Netflix!

The latest horror feature from OCULUS director Mike Flanagan is nearly here: it’s just been confirmed that HUSH will make its World Premiere this Saturday, March 12 at the South By Southwest Film Festival, followed by its exclusive debut on Netflix streaming services on April 8. Our own Jason Blum re-teamed with Intrepid Pictures’ Trevor […]

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HBO Documentary BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN Investigates the Web’s Scariest Legend

If you’ve been keeping up with our regular creepypasta coverage, you’re probably quite familiar with the most recognizable, most notorious creepypasta character of all time: that faceless figure from your nightmares commonly known as The Slender Man. We first mentioned Slender in an in-depth creepypasta feature on our site’s official launch last October, and while […]


Interview With Henry Rollins of HE NEVER DIED

My hands are sweaty. Despite my frequent attempts, I can’t keep myself from looking over towards the right side of the room, where Henry Rollins is speaking to someone about not having slept for going on three days. He’s in the office where we’re scheduled to meet to discuss his starring role in HE NEVER […]