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You Let Your Kids Watch That?: The Trials of Being a Horror-Loving Parent

It happens to many of us. We are lifelong horror fans who one day decide to procreate, and then we are faced with the daunting task of celebrating our horror fandom while also being good and wholesome parents. This predicament has led to many evenings of me watching frightening flicks via headphones and iPad, while […]


5 Books to Read After Binging on STRANGER THINGS

So you’ve devoured all eight episodes of the addictive Netflix series STRANGER THINGS in a day. You’ve cried for Barb, disagreed with Nancy’s choice in men, and you identified with Chief Hopper on his coffee morals. But, the series left you with more questions than answers and you don’t know what to do with yourself. […]



What happens when you mix Ray Bradbury, the director of THE INNOCENTS, Kirk Douglas’ son and Walt Disney Productions? You get SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES – a box office flop now revered as a masterpiece of horror fantasy. For those few unsuspecting kids dropped off at the theatre by the parents to see the […]

5 Incredibly Scary & Disturbing Kids’ Movies from the 1980s

Society, across the board, loved horror in the 1980s. While franchise gods like Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers roamed our movie screens, filmmakers were indoctrinating a new generation of horror fans via seemingly innocent kids’ films that were twisted as hell. Check out our list below of five 80s kids’ movies that were disturbing enough […]