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In Honor Of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, Let’s Look At The Horrors Of James Gunn!

This weekend, a whole lot of people will be sitting in a dark theater, popcorn in their lap and a shockingly large soda in the armrest holder, watching a group of loveable misfits save the galaxy for the second time. Most people who watch the blockbuster sequel to the blockbuster original GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY […]

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The 10 Scariest Alien Invasion Movies!

I’m not sure how, exactly, alien invasion stories fell out of the “horror” genre. Sci-fi films like INDEPENDENCE DAY can tell stories about invading monsters that murder human beings by the millions, and yet somehow they’ll considered “adventure” movies by the public at large. Something is altogether off about that, isn’t it? But it’s probably […]


The Serious Horror Street Cred of THE HUNGER GAMES Cast

This may be a hard thing for horror fans to understand, but not every movie is a horror movie. The actors and filmmakers from our favorite genre have an annoying tendency to branch out and make comedies, dramas and action movies, which may be awesome and may suck but aren’t the scary movies from which […]