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Stay Cool By Watching These Summer “Slashers!”

Are you ready for the summer? Sorry, couldn’t help myself. And having recently revisited MEATBALLS, I was reminded of what a classic piece of comedic cinema it is. But alas, you’re on a horror site! You want to get into the season by watching the gory stuff, no? Well, luckily, there are plenty of ’80s […]

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We’ve been feeding Audrey II since the 1960s, we have done the TIME WARP a thousand times, and we have been psyched out of our minds by SHOCK TREATMENT. In the last decade, audiences have decided that many cult classic horror films should be adapted for the stage starring charming maniacs with the voices of angels. SILENCE […]

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Ten ’80s Slasher Posters That Are Better Than the Actual Movies

There’s nothing I love more than a good horror poster, but there’s a rule of thumb I’ve learned to follow: Don’t judge a slasher by its poster. Especially in the ’80s, publicity teams knocked out near works of art on a monthly basis in an attempt to get their films noticed amid the noise of the […]

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Pre-Order The MIXTAPE MASSACRE Board Game Now!

We’ve been talking about the Mixtape Massacre board game quite a bit, both here on the website and the Shock Waves podcast. The time has come! Pre-orders are now up for the next pressing of this bad-boy! The game takes place in the fictional town of Tall Oaks in 1986 where a group of infamous […]

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10 Obscure Slasher Films You Need to See

As both a horror fan and a lover of cheesy 80’s pop culture runoff, it’s like I’ve been genetically designed in a lab to love slasher films. Over my lifetime I’ve seen hundreds of the things, and my abiding love has buoyed me through some real stinkers. But sitting through CRAZY FAT ETHEL 2 is […]

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10 Best Unlikely Weapons in Horror Movies

Cinema is magic.  Or, more to the point, cinema is a magic trick.  It’s the art of combining craft, form and pace to construct an illusion for a willing audience.  And one of the most willing audiences is the horror-obsessed.  We live to see things we can only imagine, and we can imagine a lot.  […]

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10 Rules for Surviving a Horror Film Not Mentioned in SCREAM

Horror fans love to imagine what they would do if they found themselves in a scary movie, but in 1996, Wes Craven’s SCREAM laid out the rules for survival and encased them in cement. With Michael Myers paused threateningly behind him on a VHS pilfered from his workplace, Jamie Kennedy’s film nerd Randy stated what we now […]


Video Time Capsule – The Controversy Surrounding The Original MANIAC!

These days, it’s very rare for a movie, let alone a horror movie, to cause an upset to the general public on such a grand scale. I’m not talking about the controversial movies like SERBIAN FILM or some of the French extremism that came in the wake of MARTYRS. Those films were movies that die-hard […]


Vintage Video – Barbara Walters Vs VCR Horrors!

As a lifelong horror fan, sometimes I like to go down the YouTube rabbit hole in search of old video clips that bring me back to the glory days of mom & pop VHS rental stores and the era in which my insatiable, dark little mind was first discovering all these genre classics. Hey, I […]

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Ghostface Vs The Fisherman! Who Was YOUR Favorite 90’s “Slasher” Icon?

When it comes to analyzing the horror “slasher” cycle that came in the late ’90s, the undisputed champ has to be Wes Craven’s genre defining 1996 classic SCREAM. Amazing, when you think that Craven managed to redefine 3 different decades of horror with a single film. But in the wake of SCREAM came, of course, […]


Worst Dinner Parties Ever!

If you’ve seen the suspenseful thriller THE INVITATION, you know it involves an incredibly awful dinner party among friends. Dinner parties are horrifying alone, because they force one to socialize, pretend to be excited about your friends’ mundane life stories, and welcome whatever surprise meal the host is serving. So, it makes sense why the […]


The Living Against The Dead: The Return of Serial Killers and Slashers

While much can and has been said about the cyclical nature of time, perhaps not enough credit is given to humans’ tendencies toward being creatures of habit. Fads may come and go, many hitting the same pleasure centers as those from the prior generation, but anyone who has worked in retail, food service or transportation can […]



Welcome to A Very Spooky… Twice a month, I will look at and review a classic TV series that is not known for horror but would, on occasion, dip its toes into the waters of terror. Before this, I never saw an episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. I didn’t have a clue what it was […]