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Ten Arrow Video Genre Titles Not (Yet) Available in the US

Despite Arrow Video carving out a niche for themselves in the US home video marketplace, their titles were only available in the UK for many years. This was a real drag for many stateside consumers, as the company had access to titles that US companies had not managed to acquire for one reason or another […]


Five Remarkable New York City Horror Films

As horror film devotees, we are constantly revisiting our favorite monster shows and relishing in cinematic excursions into darkness. A lot of common tropes become part of our personal lexicon and understanding, and one such ingredient frequently used would be the way in which horror cinema sometimes presents its curtain raiser. It alienates its featured […]


Watch an EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek at HELLEVATOR Episode 108!

Another round of horrific challenges awaits this week’s crop of victims — uh, contestants, that is — on the next installment of Jen & Sylvia Soska’s twisted game show HELLEVATOR. Two weeks ago we offered you a little preview of Episode 106 and the gruesome games favored by “The Triplets.” This time we’d like to […]