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Sissy Spacek, Jane Levy Join The Cast Of Hulu’s CASTLE ROCK!

The Hollywood Reporter just broke the news that Sissy Spacek, Jane Levy and Andre Holland will headline the cast of CASTLE ROCK, the upcoming J.J. Abrams and Stephen King anthology series for Hulu! Let that sink in for a minute. CARRIE herself will be in a new TV series that revolves around the town where […]


Check Out This CARRIE Prequel Short Fan-Film MARGARET!

We take great pride in the variety of voices that contribute regularly here on Horror, or any art form for that matter, is┬ásubjective and hence it’s always fun to read about people’s personal interpretations of the genre. If you’ve been making this website your daily destination for all things scary, then you no doubt […]


Remade For America! Revisiting THE RING & THE RING TWO

Last week, I jumped feet first back into the RING franchise by treating myself to a double bill of RINGU and its sequel RINGU 2. Because things get confusing with the remaining Japanese entries in the franchise, I decided to jump this week right into the 2002 American remake of THE RING by Gore Verbinski […]