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Kick-off Your Weekend with the Horrifying Short Film MORGU

The weekend is almost upon us! Let’s kick it off with a spooky little short from our friends over at Crypt TV. This one is by filmmaker Erika Grediaga. It is time to conjure MORGU!

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Teddy Bear Surgery is the Most Disturbing Thing You’ll See This Week

Like many children, my first toy was a teddy bear. There is something special about a stuffed bear that no other toy seems to have. They are soft, squeezable, and provide endless comfort; their friendly, fuzzy faces always greeting their owners with warmth at the end of a long day in a classroom and on […]

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5 Minutes of Fright: Check Out the Terrifying Short Film #NotAlone

We spend a lot of time on our cellphones sharing media with others, including pics, which can make us just a tiny bit more vulnerable. In today’s horror short film, a girl snaps a selfie, but when sharing it to social media, she realizes that she is not alone. This one is directed and produced by Sotiris […]

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The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll Watch Today: DON’T HUG ME I’M SCARED

For today’s viral video flashback, we are traveling back to 2011 when a table full of weird puppets told us all to think more creatively. Then life got weird and scary. Oh dear god, make it stop!


Got 5 Minutes? Check Out the Mind-Twisting Horror Short LOOP

Today’s horror short is a fun little head trip from filmmaker Mali Elfman (daughter of composer Danny Elfman). The work is a metaphorical look at Mali’s own journey to be a filmmaker and stars Diva Zappa (daughter of the legendary musician Frank Zappa). Enjoy!


Hilarious Horror in Under 5 Minutes with Short Film BUNDLE OF NERVES!

Think your job is bad? You could be a police officer in a peculiar town where tentacled creatures and blob monsters are standard occurrences. But somehow life’s normal quandaries still have a way of rising to the top, even amidst monsters and mayhem. Check out director Ryan Spindell’s amazing short film BUNDLE OF NERVES below.


Check Out the Creepy New Short Film THE BIRCH!

Check out this awesome new horror short from our friends at Crypt TV. THE BIRCH will protect you!