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Check out the Disturbing Horror Short DOPPELGANGER!

We watch a lot of horror short films here at We can always tell which ones are the best by how they stick with us. Can we remember the short in a few months or years? Earlier this week, we were discussing some of the scarier shorts we had scene over time. Here’s one of […]

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Check Out the Scary Short Film: KNOCK!

A few years ago, Blumhouse’s Ryan Turek and I were teaching a class on horror filmmaking at a convention in Los Angeles. There we met Joseph and Will Martinez, twin horror fans who were just starting in filmmaking. This morning they sent me their completed project, and it is fantastic! The short film tells the story […]

SUDDEN STORM: A Literary Tribute to North America’s Most Terrifying Monster

Fans of indie horror are no doubt familiar with the work of Larry Fessenden — not only through his deeply personal horror films like HABIT and THE LAST WINTER, groundbreaking audio drama series TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE and memorable roles in I SELL THE DEAD and WE ARE STILL HERE, but also through his […]

Meet the Staff: 10 Questions With Blumhouse Writer Stephen Johnson

Our ongoing series of interviews with the Blumhouse crew continues, in which we share our collective passion for all things scary, discuss our personal and career histories in the genre we all know and love, reveal our favorite films, and maybe even share a few spooky stories. Today we sit down for a Q&A with […]


David Bowie Unveils the Next Haunting BLACKSTAR Video: “Lazarus”

Legendary artist David Bowie never fails to surprise even his most devoted fans with a constantly evolving musical output and bold career moves. After a lengthy period of silence, he resurfaced two years ago with the stunning album The Next Day, and when the time was right, he returned to the studio with long-time collaborator […]

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Revisiting the Short Horror Film 2AM: THE SMILING MAN

A few weeks back, we included the film 2AM: THE SMILING MAN as part of our Blumhouse Short Film Picks of the week. Fans absolutely loved this particular short, and we received tons of feedback about how absolutely terrifying and unique the segment was. So to give you one more quick bit of terror before […]