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Watch the Latest Original CREEPYPASTA Video — A LITTLE NIGHTMARE!

We’re literally digging into the vaults of cinema history for our next original creepypasta short: specifically, the earliest days of experimental filmmaking, avant-garde art and the surrealist movement that reached a peak in the 1920s, thanks in part to the larger-than-life personalities of eccentric geniuses like Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel. Among these pioneers of […]


Frightening & Under 5 Minutes: Watch the Horror Short PERSEPHONE

Fun Size Horror has become known for horror shorts that pack in the scares. Today, we are proud to share the Fun Size Original short, PERSEPHONE, directed by Lisa J. Dooley and co-written with Craig Lee Thomas. The short film is part of the Fun Size Horror anthology FUN SIZE HORROR: VOLUME ONE which is currently available […]


Blumhouse Intern Short Film Challenge: Check out MISCHIEF NIGHT!

Each semester at Blumhouse Productions, our interns receive a short film challenge. They must work in teams to create a short horror movie with no budget. The films are each written, directed, and edited by the intern group and shot entirely on smart phones with no special equipment. The teams are also not allowed to use any separate […]

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5 Terrific Horror Shorts that are Under 5 Minutes Long

Need a break at work? Got five minutes to spare while waiting for the bus? Laying awake in bed listening to weird, ghostly sounds that are probably just your refrigerator? We’ve got your entertainment covered! Below are five great short horror films, all five minutes or less. Enjoy! THE CLOSET Synopsis: Two girls plan to […]


Check Out Another Terrifying Short from the Director of LIGHTS OUT!

David Sandberg recently made headlines in the horror genre when his short film LIGHTS OUT received over 13 million views on YouTube and was then turned into a major feature film produced by the legendary James Wan. But Sandberg has several other shorts that are just as chilling as LIGHTS OUT. Check out the short below, […]


Got 5 Minutes? Check Out the Mind-Twisting Horror Short LOOP

Today’s horror short is a fun little head trip from filmmaker Mali Elfman (daughter of composer Danny Elfman). The work is a metaphorical look at Mali’s own journey to be a filmmaker and stars Diva Zappa (daughter of the legendary musician Frank Zappa). Enjoy!


Thinking about Going Camping? Check out the Horror Short LET’S CAMP

Happy Friday, horror fans! Just in case any of your were thinking of a nice relaxing camping trip this weekend, we wanted to leave you with this word of warning. Clowns. They are everywhere…even in the woods. Just check out this short from director Scott Bender and don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Have You Seen the New Horror Anthology Web Show SLEEP TIGHT?

AwesomenessTV recently launched a new horror anthology web show called SLEEP TIGHT, and has been loving it. The episodes run about 10 minutes in length, and each one is its own separate horror story. Check out the show’s latest episode, entitled “The House,” below. And you can watch all of SLEEP TIGHT on go90 […]


This 2 Minute Horror Short Will Make You Rethink that Uber Ride!

With the growing popularity of programs like Lyft and Uber, many of us have grown accustomed to hopping in the car with total strangers to get where we need to go. Today’s viral video, RIDE, examines these ride share programs. Got 2 minutes? You have time for some terror!


Horror in Under 4 Minutes: Check Out the Terrifying Short THE HAT MAN

Have you ever been awake in bed the middle of the night and thought your coat rack or hanging bathrobe kind of looked like a real person? Wait, did it just move? Probably not. For today viral video, check out this horror short from director Kyle J. Macias. You may want to think twice about that hanging bathrobe.  


Terror in Under 3 Minutes: Check out this Horrifying Short Film Starring Ted Raimi!

The folks over at Fun Size Horror have become known for packing major scares into just a few minutes with their successful series of short films. Check out the film SEMBLANCE below starring horror icon Ted Raimi and directed by Bill Whirity. And for more short scares, head over to Fun Size Horror.


Hilarious Horror in Under 5 Minutes with Short Film BUNDLE OF NERVES!

Think your job is bad? You could be a police officer in a peculiar town where tentacled creatures and blob monsters are standard occurrences. But somehow life’s normal quandaries still have a way of rising to the top, even amidst monsters and mayhem. Check out director Ryan Spindell’s amazing short film BUNDLE OF NERVES below.

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If you’ve been following our creepypasta coverage (and you should be), get ready to level up: starting today, we’re expanding our coverage of viral legends and weird tales from the darkest corners of the web… and jumping from text-based stories to a brand-new web series. Our pilot episode is based on a post which originated […]