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Sherlock vs. Pinhead and Cthulhu: 10 Unlikely Sherlock Holmes Adversaries

Believe it or not, Jack the Ripper, Frankenstein, and even Clive Barker’s Cenobites have crossed paths with Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s extraordinarily gifted detective appeared in 56 short stories and 4 novels between 1891 and 1914. The advent of film and TV saw Holmes and consummate companion Dr. Watson as popular subjects, propelling […]

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Sea Monster Finally Discovered in Loch Ness — But It’s Not What You Think

The legend of “Nessie” has kept monster-seeking tourists flocking to Scotland’s Loch Ness since the 1930s… and while dozens of well-equipped exploration teams have used just about every kind of technology available to explore the massive lake over the past several decades, none of them have come up with indisputable proof of a giant monster […]

The Ten Most Terrifying Moments in Non-Horror Video Games

Horror fans are a jaded lot. The first time you see a zombie gnawing on a screaming victim’s intestine, it’s scary, but by the time you’ve seen it happen 73,134 times, it kinda loses its pop. Sometimes, though, horror sneaks up on you, like the serial killer standing behind your desk. Right. Now. Sometimes the […]