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First Trailer For Edgar Wright’s Latest Cinematic Insanity, BABY DRIVER!

Although he’s only technically dabbled in the horror genre with his debut feature film SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and briefly again with his hilarious DON’T faux trailer in between the GRINDHOUSE movies, Edgar Wright is someone whom most genre fans turn to for something off-kilter, new, and exciting. And his latest feature looks like it […]

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Get Your Ghoulish Groove On With These Horror Movie Musical Numbers

Music is one of most important elements in every genre, but if you want haunting melodies that will send chills down your spine, go no further than the nearest horror movie. Over the last decade in particular, we’ve experienced some extremely memorable horror film scores and soundtracks — the screeching piano line that sets the […]


Awe. The Top 5 Horror Bromances!

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, it’s the perfect time to celebrate a special platonic kind of love: the “bromance.” Ladies often come and go, but there is solidarity in the bromance. From a distance, this may appear to be a rather intimate sort of love and in some ways, that would not […]


Celebrating The Top 5 Horror Movie Couples

There isn’t anything in the world that makes my heart scream more than knowing that I have a true partner in crime… except maybe that time Tom Atkins hugged me. Okay, not even that. Beyond the Shudder and chill, I have a business partner, a best friend, a life coach, a date for every weekend, […]


5 Common Misconceptions About Horror Films

No matter how profitable horror films are, how huge the fan base is, or how widespread the movies become, people still make blanket statements criticizing the horror genre. I constantly find myself defending horror films, the filmmakers, and fans. Over the years, horror films have battled censorship, discrimination, and backlash from critics and religious groups […]

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Twelve of the Most Disturbingly Awkward Horror Movie Posters Ever! [NSFW]

People always love a memorable movie poster to hang on the wall. But we horror fans will always love the fact that some of them are just so… well, gleefully f’ed-up, we just wish today’s cinemas had the guts to display them. Unfortunately, they usually don’t. But don’t despair! We’re never afraid to cross the line […]



Everyone has that one family member that they connect with more than any other. There’s no real logic behind the connection, hell the two that share the bond may not even talk all that much, but the bond is still there. The bond shows up in connections more than in conversations. A shared walk. A […]


Dying for Love: An Exploration of Romance in Horror Movies

Buckle your seatbelt, because we are about to go on a wild ride through some of the strangest, sultriest, silliest, and scariest movies out there. Welcome to the rollercoaster of  genre-bending and get ready to get weird, as we go over some blood-curdling combinations of horror and romance, love and death, and sex and the […]


Five Unreleased Horror Toys That We Still Want!

As horror fans, we are completely spoiled with an endless array of toys, action figures, and collectibles that pay tribute to our favorite films. With companies like NECA, Mezco, and Funko continually stepping outside the box and bringing us toys we never even imagined displaying on our shelves, it’s a pretty damn good time to […]



The time has come for another showdown. You are in a locked, windowless room. The only thing in the room with you are two film canisters. One canister contains Edgar Wright’s SHAUN OF THE DEAD. The other contains Drew Goddard’s THE CABIN IN THE WOODS. You have a book of matches in your hand. You […]


Vinyl Idolz Deliver Your Favorite Horror Icons In Vinyl Figure Form!

One of the things I love about Instagram is that you can discover some of the greatest artists and designers the web has to offer, especially when it comes to cool, creepy and spooky toys that would either make for ideal gifts or just impressive eye candy to fill in your shelf space with. Not too […]

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13 Oscar-Worthy Horror Movies

The Oscars have a long and storied history of ignoring so-called “genre movies,” and even though they made one hell of an exception this year – nominating George Miller’s post-apocalyptic car chase thriller MAD MAX: FURY ROAD for a whopping ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture – that streak still more-or-less stands. Especially for the […]