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Top 5 Shark Movies that Aren’t JAWS [Video]

Yes, we all love JAWS. But there on plenty of other shark movies out there! Join us as we explore our top 5 shark movies that don’t have “JAWS” in the title.  

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This Shocking Shark Footage Will Keep You Out of the Water Forever

Despite having just one calendar day left before Fall, folks in warmer seaside climates may be thinking about getting in one last swim before the temperatures finally start to drop… and those people should probably just skim right ahead and ignore this article completely. Then again, if you prefer to err on the side of caution… what we’re […]

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Slashback! Why JAWS 2 is Really Just a Slasher Movie with a Shark

Enjoying Shark Week, everyone? Well, far be it from me to steer the boat too far off-course while there’s prime fodder for my companion “Snark Week” theme. (If you’re wondering what that is, check out this in-depth thesis on the SyFy epic GHOST SHARK, and learn why you must drop everything and watch it immediately.) […]

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SNARK WEEK! Five Reasons Why GHOST SHARK is the Greatest Party Movie EVER

With Shark Week finally underway, I’m sure you’ve got your TV viewing agenda all mapped out, and we’re certainly keeping ourselves informed on all things shark-related… but as you’ve probably figured out by now, we’re pretty much thinking about giant monsters and hungry human-gobbling predators all year long, so don’t be surprised if I approach […]


Director Jaume Collet-Serra Talks Giving Good Shark Value in THE SHALLOWS

Jaume Collet-Serra first made a splash by directing the Dark Castle productions’ HOUSE OF WAX and ORPHAN, and now he’s making a literal one in the open ocean with THE SHALLOWS. Opening this Friday, the film finds a young woman played by Blake Lively venturing to a secluded cove on a surfing trip, to clear […]


The 10 Greatest JAWS Rip-off Movies

To truly understand the impact of Steven Spielberg’s JAWS on the pop cultural landscape, one only need look at the number of cash-in films created in its wake. The decade following its release saw a staggering number of water (and land) – based terrors from both independent and established studios looking to scare up even a […]

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Surfer’s GoPro Captures Shocking Footage of a FLYING Great White Shark!

Southern California Surfers Drew Palumbo and Ben Slayback like to shoot drone and GoPro videos of their aquatic adventures. But last week, Palumbo caught a terrifying glimpse of something the pair had never seen in person before… and they’d probably prefer never to see it the same way again. While surfing last Monday off Sunset […]

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The True Story Behind the Movie OPEN WATER

In 2003, Lions Gate released a low budget Indie flick called OPEN WATER. Shot for just $500,000, the film went on to gross $55 million worldwide. Daniel and Susan are a young couple who head to the Bahamas for a scuba-diving vacation. Chartering a boat with several other divers, the couple decides to swim away […]



The movie opens with an attack on the sea, from a ferocious, unseen predator. The beaches are closed, much to the dismay of the local townsfolk. A parent is devastated to learn that their child is a victim of the creature. The body count rises as the intrepid heroes race to destroy the menace that […]