The 13th Floor


Good Bad Habits: Director Mariano Baino on Nunsploitation Epic DARK WATERS

The sunken depths of Manhattan’s Lovecraft bar seem like the perfect place to talk to Mariano Baino, whose 1994 film DARK WATERS is resurfacing as a long-awaited Blu-ray from Severin Films today. Severin and publicist Josh Johnson (dressed for the occasion in a nun’s habit) set up an interview op with Baino last night in […]


Celebrating 10 Years Of Severin Films On SHOCK WAVES!

It’s been a while, but we’re back! On this edition of Shock Waves, Elric Kane has returned from his cross country trip and re-joins co-hosts Rebekah McKendry and yours truly (Rob Galluzzo) as they catch up on all the latest horrors! Elric got to see THE SHALLOWS, THE NEON DEMON, George A. Romero’s SEASON OF THE WITCH […]


Slashback! A Mad Professor Creates Collegiate Killers in 1981’s STRANGE BEHAVIOR

There’s a good chance you might have overlooked this weird little horror hybrid; it got a bit more love outside the US (under the wonky title DEAD KIDS), but saw very little exposure stateside. Released at the peak of the slasher genre’s Golden Age, this bizarre fusion of teen body-count horror and mad science shenanigans […]