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5 Reasons You Need To Check Out HOLIDAYS!

I love horror anthologies. Always have. Maybe it’s in part because I grew up with a great appreciation for short form horror entertainment via TV shows such as THE TWILIGHT ZONE, AMAZING STORIES, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, etc. Or maybe there’s just something magical about sitting down and being treated to some bite-size thrills that […]


EXCLUSIVE Clip From St. Patrick’s Day Segment Of HOLIDAYS!

The new horror anthology HOLIDAYS is coming and it’s coming fast! Vertical and XYZ will release the pic on digital and VOD on April 15, with a limited theatrical release set for April 22. The movie is compromised of several short segments, each focusing on a different holiday of the year, so everything from Valentine’s […]


Slayed: The Ten Best BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Episodes

I got into Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the late side. My brother introduced me to the show by making me watch the VHS sets for seasons one and two – at this time, a time before DVD or Netflix, some shows would show up on VHS in sets of three tapes, with each tape […]