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Wes Craven and the Sins of the Parents

Any horror fan worth their weight in red-dyed Karo syrup knows the name of Wes Craven. The late horror master managed to change the face of horror three decades in a row. In 1972, he took the genre to a new, raw plane with a low-budget, exploitation-flavored remake of Ingmar Bergman’s THE VIRGIN SPRING called LAST HOUSE […]


How To Dream Like WES CRAVEN

Wes Craven expanded the consciousness of the horror genre by literally following his dreams.  Some of the most memorable details in his films reportedly came to the filmmaker in his sleep—including the Beauty and the Beast motif in THE HILLS HAVE EYES, the snake-in-the-bathtub scene in DEADLY BLESSING  (later re-imagined in A NIGHTMARE ON ELM […]

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REAL Zombies!: The True Story that Inspired THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW

In 1988, horror movie legend Wes Craven brought THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW to the big screen. It is the story of Anthropologist, Dennis Alan, who travels to Haiti to seek out a drug used in voodoo rituals to turn men into zombies. Once in Haiti, he finds a man called Christophe who had mysteriously died, […]