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5 Killers Who Found Inspiration in Horror Films

Serial killers and psychopaths have been around forever. Hell, at one point horror films weren’t even a wet dream in the mind of many a serial killer. But today, with film as relevant as it is, technology as powerful as it is, with an endless array of digital entertainment forms flooding our brains 365 days […]


The Horrifying Crimes of Colombia’s Three Deadliest Serial Killers

The phrase “serial killer” is, historically, a relatively recent term. Although there have been serial killers throughout the ages (Jack the Ripper, active in 1888, is usually seen as the grandfather of all serial killers, although others handily predate him, some going back to ancient China), the actual codification of the phenomenon didn’t begin until […]


The Amazing True Stories Of Four Real Life Final Girls

Sidney Prescott from SCREAM, Laurie Strode from HALLOWEEN, and even Julie James in I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER are all household names of a certain trope in horror films. Genre fans have long worshiped the female protagonists in slasher movies who have the ultimate showdown with the killer and live to tell the tale, […]


5 Real Serial Killers Who Believed They Were Actually Vampires

Vampires don’t just exist in the realm of fiction. There are those serial killers who operate under the delusion that they must kill in order to live. Here are five real life murderers who believed they were actually vampires, terrorizing their victims and communities for years before being brought to justice. James P. Riva Riva claimed […]


Love Kills: The Stories of Harleen Quinzel and Caril Ann Fugate

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel was young and filled with promise. Just out of school, Quinzel landed her dream job as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, the home of the most insane criminals to ever walk the Earth, including the king of them all, Joker. Quinzel had a single goal – to gain Joker’s trust, get […]


“They Filled Their Victims’ Bodies with Rocks”: The Grisly History of America’s 1st Serial Killers, The Harpe Brothers

In 1776, America had declared itself a new nation. Just twenty years later, the Harpe brothers would become America’s first serial killers. The Harpe brothers, Micajah and Wiley, were born around 1760 to Scottish immigrant parents in Orange County, North Carolina. For the most part, the Harpe brothers are a thing of legend. Although not […]


Deadlier Than the Male: The Five Most Notorious Female Serial Killers

While Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and Ed Gein are best known for their murderous proclivities, this quintet of deadly female serial killers also made their mark in the annals of homicidal lore. Elizabeth Bathory, aka “The Countess of Blood” Bathory tops our list of nasty nobles as one of the deadliest slay queens […]