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BEASTS: The Creepiest Slow-Burn Horror Series You’ve Never Seen

As a life-long fan of televised horror anthology series — from landmark classics like THE TWILIGHT ZONE and NIGHT GALLERY to more recent compilations like MASTERS OF HORROR — I’ve managed to uncover a wealth of obscure gems along the way, many of which have long since been consigned to the recycle bin of “disposable” […]

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13 Classic Horror Teasers with ZERO Footage From Their Own Films

I really miss horror teasers. Not just the old trailers… I’m talking real teasers: promotional mini-movies designed to suggest the horrors awaiting audiences without actually showing any footage from the films they’re advertising. At their absolute best, teasers were full-motion versions of a movie’s poster art, giving you just enough information to tantalize your imagination, […]

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Seasons of the Witch! SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH & Real Life Cases Of Witchcraft!

When we talk comics, 1962 is a very important year. It was the year Marvel Comics introduced the world to Spider-Man, Thor, Ant-Man, and Hulk, changing the comic book market forever. Quietly, as Marvel was building their Mighty Marching Society, and DC was basking in the super sales of their heroes, Archie Comics writer George […]


Profile On THE NEW FLESH – A Horror Podcast

THE NEW FLESH is fun. Yeah, it’s a horror podcast, but hosts Brett Arnold and Joe Avella, a pair of filmmakers with comedy credentials, aren’t self-serious completists or VHS-era snobs. They don’t particularly have a favorite era of horror, and they aren’t beholden to those they feel encapsulate the genre. Horror, to them, isn’t something […]

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10 Lesser Known Horror Gems Now on Amazon Prime

Some fantastic and rather obscure horror treasures have made their way to Amazon Prime recently. Many are historical horror gems that have been forgotten over time or indie flicks from recent years. These titles may not be well-known, but they all are amazing flicks that fright fans should definitely check out or revisit. SHIVERS (1975) […]


Bekah’s 10 Favorite Witch Movies!

I have always had a passionate love of witch movies. Going all the way back to an adolescent infatuation with SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH and HOCUS POCUS, the magical ladies have always been one of my fave sub-genres of horror, possibly because they were one of the few to feature a female monster/hero, but also […]