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Real Life Scares 

Chilling Ghost Photo Baffles Famed Spook Buster Houdini!

Spiritualist debunker, ghost hunter and master magician Harry Houdini could dismiss every single spirit world photograph he was ever challenged with — except for one chilling photo. Houdini, who was born Erich Weiss, achieved world renown as an escape artist, and then mysteriously began one of the earliest probes of psychic phenomena during the early […]

Scary Fun 

Meet Tattoo Artist Paul Acker: A Master of Ink Horror Realism

I’m not scared of needles. I’ve had more piercings and tattoos than I can count. For a while I looked like Jody from PULP FICTION. “The one with all that shit in her face?” Yeah, that was me. As far as tattoos are concerned, it’s something about that rush of adrenaline you get while you’re […]

Real Life Scares 

Ectoplasm: Spirits Captured on Film

In the 2009 horror film, THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, a young man is plagued with visions of past events that took place in his family home. The boy continually sees a person violently spurning out a mysterious substance from his mouth as people watch around him. Upon further investigation, the boy and his family discover […]

Real Life Scares 

Video Allegedly Reveals a Spirit Inhabiting This Nightmarish Portrait

The terrifying mystery came to light a little over five years ago, when a UK man named Sean Robinson inherited a macabre oil painting from his grandmother. The untitled piece — which has since been dubbed “The Anguished Man” — is said to be a self-portrait of the deeply disturbed artist, who had supposedly mixed his […]