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Reactions to THE X-FILES Miniseries Finale: “My Struggle, Part II”

In continuing with the season premiere, tonight’s finale gives us (some) of the conclusion to the insane, global conspiracy that Mulder and Tad O’Malley were obsessing over. It turns out that the entire population isn’t infected with alien DNA; only a chosen few are. Scully is one of them, and that alien DNA is what […]


5 Things We Learned from the Newest X-FILES Episode

SPOILERS AHEAD! In tonight’s episode, there was a delicate balance between “monster of the week” and “emotional backstory.” It was well done: the Trashman story wasn’t so complex that it needed an entire episode; and Scully didn’t need to spend an entire episode mourning her mother and worrying about her son. Trashman seemed very much […]


Five Curious Things About X-FILES: Episode 3 — “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”

For those who have been a little “meh” about THE X-FILES’ return, this episode should restore your faith. It is loaded with humor, weirdness, and geeky guest stars (Rhys Darby). Plus there are a lot of in-jokes for long time X-philes. Mulder is starting to lose his belief in monsters, but luckily a new case […]


5 Key Moments in the New X-FILES TV Show!

I was once an obsessive X-FILES fan. The mythology got a little too dense for my teenage brain and I lost interest altogether when David Duchovny left the show. This new miniseries/season 10 has sparked that obsessive bit in my brain. With that, let’s dissect a few key points about the first episode, “My Struggle.” […]

The Truth is Out There: Take Our X-FILES Quiz and Revisit this Legendary Series

X-FILES fans are anxiously awaiting the upcoming new TV series slated for debut in 2016. But let’s remember why we love this show so much! Now, over 20 years after the original show premiered, how much do you remember? Take our X-FILES quiz, and see what you recall from Scully and Mulder’s epic battles with […]