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Bonus SHOCK WAVES Episode On The Music Of The SCREAM!

It’s Thanksgiving, so you’re entitled to an additional treat! Perhaps you’re about to take a long commute to spend it with family, or perhaps you’re enjoying a quiet day at home. Whatever the case, we thought we’d give you some bonus SHOCK WAVES to savor over the holiday break! Join your Shock Waves co-hosts Rob Galluzzo […]


Who Was Originally The Killer Of SCREAM: Season One?

One of the most fun aspects of the SCREAM franchise is trying to figure out which one of the group of friends is in on it. When the first SCREAM hit theaters in 1996, no one expected the one-two punch of two serial killers, let alone two characters that were a prominent part of our […]


Episode 26 Part 2: We Scream For John Karna From MTV’s SCREAM!

In part 2 of episode 26, the Shock Waves crew are thrilled to welcome to the show very special guest John Karna, who plays Noah on MTV’s SCREAM: THE TV SERIES! Over the course of 2 seasons and a Halloween special, Noah is to the TV series what Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) was to the […]

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Why The SCREAM TV Show Is Better Than The Movie Series

When TV Series surpass their source material in quality: Why SCREAM: The Series is far more entertaining than the film series it’s based on. “You gotta remember that the whodunit may not be as important in our story.” “So it’s more of a “Why-dunit?” “No. I’m saying you need to forget it’s a horror story. […]


MTV’s SCREAM TV Series Comes To DVD This Spring!

SCREAM season 2 is scheduled to begin airing on MTV on April 20th this year, but if you haven’t had your chance to catch up on the hit series, it was announced today that the DVD of “The Complete First Season” will arrive on May 10th courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment and Dimension TV. The […]