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Twilight Time Blu-Ray Check List!

In this day and age of high def home entertainment, thankfully there’s no shortage of labels putting out really great horror, sci-fi and cult titles on Blu-Ray on a regular basis. But one of the more boutique indie DVD labels out there has got to be Twilight Time. A lot of genre fans have caused […]


Killer POV Pick Of The Week – GHOST STORY

GHOST STORY must’ve been one of those early 80’s horror films that for whatever reason slipped under my radar during the height of my genre fandom and during a period where I’d devour whatever horror I could find at my local video store. I don’t even remember the box art, but thankfully, Scream Factory is […]


Scream Factory Weekend Wrap-Up!

Lots of fun announcement’s coming out from Scream Factory this week. Before we kick off this weekend, we figured we’d collect them all into one article and bring you back up to speed! First up, their release of NIGHTMARES! On December 22nd, 2015, Scream Factory brings you four tales of horror, complete with shocking twists that […]

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5 Things To Look Forward To In ASH VS EVIL DEAD!

For the last decade or so, it’s always been funny to catch Bruce Campbell doing one of his infamous Q & A sessions, because inevitably a fan would raise their hand and ask the same old question, “when are you and Sam Raimi going to do an EVIL DEAD 4?” At first, he would always […]


5 Fun Facts We Learned From The ARMY OF DARKNESS Blu-Ray

Do you guy realize that we’re a mere few days away from the premiere of ASH VS EVIL DEAD on Starz?! If you’re fixin’ to see where we last left Ashley J. Williams (the great Bruce Campbell), the fine fiends over at Scream Factory have got you covered. Now available on a 3-disc set is […]



It’s difficult to describe the work of filmmaker Larry Fessenden, but his voice is the unique and intriguing kind that we as horror fans are always in search of. We want to see something different. Be challenged. Think about the films we see long after we’ve seen them, on top of being scared. Whereas for […]

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Remember When The Crypt Keeper Had A Hit Rap Single?

I’m sure most of you out there are huge fans of TALES FROM THE CRYPT. This is the perfect time to revisit the HBO series, all 7 seasons of which are available on DVD. But the fine fiends over at Scream Factory are gifting us this Tuesday, October 20th with the two theatrical CRYPT movies, DEMON […]



Fans of independent horror cinema not only know the name of Larry Fessenden, founder of celebrated production company Glass Eye Pix and writer-director-star of cult vampire classic HABIT, but they know his face as well: he’s appeared onscreen in dozens of horror projects — from Brad Anderson’s chilling SESSION 9 to the hit horror game […]


5 Reasons You Need To Check Out THE SENTINEL!

Despite being a seasoned horror watcher, I love the fact that there are always little gems that I’d never properly experienced; random well known cult favorites that for whatever reasons have slipped through the cracks of my movie-watching habits over the years. It’s all the more rewarding to finally see one of these films and […]


Full Specs Revealed For The LARRY FESSENDEN Collection!

Scream Factory has always done a stellar job at both restoring and re-presenting cult classic genre titles and also advocating and championing some of the latest indie horror offerings, the latter being one of the many benefits of their partnership with IFC Midnight. But this particular announcement makes me tremendously excited. Not only am I […]


Scream Factory Brings Us Back To ZOMBIE HIGH!

Anytime Scream Factory makes a title announcement is usually cause for celebration. And this morning is no different! The label have unveiled their plans for 4 more horror title releases before 2015 is out! Coming this December, we will see Blu-Ray releases of ZOMBIE HIGH, the 1987 flick starring a pre-CANDYMAN Virginia Madsen, Sherilyn Fenn […]


“Hail To The King, Baby!” Full ARMY OF DARKNESS Blu-Ray Specs!

Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! We’ve got great news for you. Yes, yes. I know what you’re thinking. Much like with the original EVIL DEAD and even EVIL DEAD 2, you have to buy yet another edition of ARMY OF DARKNESS?! The fine folks at Scream Factory, being fans themselves, understand your plight. And […]