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In Honor Of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, Let’s Look At The Horrors Of James Gunn!

This weekend, a whole lot of people will be sitting in a dark theater, popcorn in their lap and a shockingly large soda in the armrest holder, watching a group of loveable misfits save the galaxy for the second time. Most people who watch the blockbuster sequel to the blockbuster original GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY […]


Remembering the Crazy 1976 TV Series MONSTER SQUAD!

In today’s TV landscape, horror fans are spoiled across all platforms when it comes to the type of programming they have to choose from. Long before Netflix, or even cable for that matter, horror shows weren’t produced as abundantly as they are today and finding a show with a decent amount of suspense in it could be […]


Check Out These Collectible Horror Pins From BUTCHOVISION!

Collectibles are the kryptonite of the nerd and geek kingdom, and perhaps in the crux of it all (save for the poor wallets of the comic book fans) are horror fanatics. You’ll be hard pressed to find any other area of cinema where collectibles are so widely made and available to purchase. For every movie […]


THE TOXIC AVENGER, THE PREDATOR and The Return of RE-ANIMATOR – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

We’re back, and we’re just as scary as ever. After taking the week off to preview all the horrifying new films at the Toronto International Film Festival it’s time to delve right back into the world of disturbing new announcements, with casting news, cult movie remakes, unexpected franchise rebirths and a couple of creepy new trailers […]

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SCOOBY APOCALYPSE: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Do The Doo

It’s official: thanks to a new comic book, I have finally stopped caring about SCOOBY-DOO, but I mean that in the best possible way. Let me explain. No pop culture entity makes me feel more like an old man yelling at a cloud than SCOOBY-DOO. The original cartoon series debuted well over a decade before […]

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The 13 Greatest Horror TV Show Theme Songs

With the life-altering invention of DVR, a bad TV theme song means absolutely nothing anymore. So if your favorite show has a forgettable or downright annoying opening tune, you can just skip right over it along with all the never-ending commercials for prescription medication. But a great TV theme song is something altogether different. A […]

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Zoinks!: The 5 Scariest Episodes of Classic SCOOBY DOO

Like many horror fans, I grew up watching SCOOBY DOO. It was like a wonderful horror gateway drug, exposing me to monsters, mayhem, and providing light scares to my adolescent psyche. But as I’m re-watching these classic episodes with my own children, I’m discovering that some of these scares aren’t so light. Much of the […]

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Slender Man, MadBalls and the SCOOBY APOCALYPSE – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

After this week’s unusual string of horrifying news stories, nothing could surprise us anymore. We’ve got an apocalyptic SCOOBY DOO on the horizon. We’ve got the return of TUSK. We’ve got a whole new line of MADBALLS. We’ve got the release of a film that, frankly, we thought was never, ever going to see the […]