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Jigsaw, Annabelle, and More: Horror Movie Sequels Coming in 2017

Yesterday we looked at horror movie reboots and remakes that are slated for 2017 releases. But there are plenty of horror movie sequels destined for our screens as well. Check out the upcoming sequels below, and mark your horror calendars! RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER Releasing: January 27th, 2017 Paul W. S. Anderson is back […]


SAW Exec Producer Peter Block Resurrecting A New PUMPKINHEAD!

Clark Collis over at Entertainment Weekly broke the scoop that Peter Block, the exec producer on the entire SAW franchise, including the upcoming SAW: LEGACY helmed by the Spierig brothers, is plotting to resurrect PUMPKINHEAD for a 2017 release! Block has acquired the rights to the franchise and is looking for the right director to […]


ALIENS, FLATLINERS and SAW: LEGACY – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

There is a bit of a dead zone every July, when it seems like every major entertainment outlet is trying not to reveal any news because they’re going to try to announce something big at Comic-Con. So this week’s Horror News Rundown is a little shorter than usual, but we’ve still got some cool news […]


Is Lionsgate Finally Bringing Back The SAW Franchise?

I miss the SAW franchise. I really do. After the release and success of the first SAW way back in 2004, the franchise became something of a bonding experience for my cousin and I, as we both grew up the two horror-loving black sheep of the family. As often happens, there were a few years […]