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Viral Flashback: What if Jigsaw was Your Roommate?

For today’s Viral Flashback we are revisiting a hilarious viral video from 2013, “Living with Jigsaw”. This one raises the question of what it would be like is SAW’s villain, Jigsaw, became your roommate. Gary….Gary…G….Gary……….  

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THE INVISIBLE MAN, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD and Lindsay Lohan (Yes, Really) – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

Huge horror franchises came back to life this week, new horror franchises began, and somewhere in the middle Lindsay Lohan was involved with werewolves. This week’s Horror News Rundown is chockablock with casting news, exciting new adaptations and kickass trailers, so let’s not waste any more time introducing it. There’s so much news it’s scary! […]

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5 Terrifyingly Scary Flicks Now Streaming on Netflix Instant!

Halloween is almost upon us, and this week we curated a list of the 5 supremely scary films currently streaming on Netflix Instant. Be warned.  Be you into aliens, ghosts, or torture- these selections bite back! THE BABADOOK (2014)- THE BABADOOK topped endless “best of the year” lists for 2014. If you have not yet seen […]