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Dante Tomaselli Unleashes Dark New Album WITCHES!

Dante Tomaselli is primarily known in the horror world as a director, having helmed the nightmare inducing indie cult features TORTURE CHAMBER, SATAN’S PLAYGROUND, HORROR and DESECRATION. And while he continues to plot out future cinematic horrors such as the upcoming remake of ALICE SWEET ALICE, he’s also been delving into the dark world of incidental, […]


6 Horror Gems You May Have Missed From The 2000s

Ah yes. The 2000’s. While most reflect back on the decade and primarily associate it with the “torture porn” sub-genre that came out of the SAW sequels and HOSTEL, there was actually a lot more that horror had to offer during that entire run. Sure, we saw a rise of remakes of every recognizable 80’s […]