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CREEPYPASTA: A Horrified Father Sees the True Face of “The Sandman”

Today’s viral legend crosses the boundary between childhood dreams and adult nightmares. The original author is identified as “Tam Lin,” but since that name also applies to a character in Scottish folklore, we can probably assume the true author’s identity is still a mystery. However, the context of this story is said to originate with a woman named “Abigail” […]

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From SWAMP THING to PREACHER: The History of Vertigo Comics

Karen Berger started working at DC Comics straight out of college in 1979. Smarter than most of her peers, and twice as dedicated, Karen was the assistant to Paul Levitz, who was a wunderkind himself. Levitz had spent the 70s building his name at DC, and would become one of the most important writers and […]


AMITYVILLE, AMERICAN HORROR STORY and a GHOSTBUSTERS Animated Movie – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

Good news, bad news, it’s all part of being a horror fan. This week’s Horror News Rundown brings with it disappointing updates about SANDMAN and AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING, exciting information about THE EXORCIST and GHOSTBUSTERS, and a trailer that may be too scary for even the most hardcore Blumhouse readers. You’ll have to scroll all […]

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From The Pages Of SANDMAN, Exploring The History Of DEATH

There is one thing we all fear. One thing, above all else, that we can not feel creeping up on each and every one of us each and every day. We push the thought of it to the back of our minds as much as possible, but there, in our moments of great joy and […]