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5 Frightening Mythological Monsters from Russia

There’s been a lot of talk about Russia lately. I’ll just assume it has something to do with the country’s vast collection of mythical creatures, supposedly roaming the 6,592,800 square feet of land, making up the largest country in the world. Check out five of the most fascinating and legendary Russian creatures below. Vodyanoy The Vodyanoy appears […]


Flying Coffins and Communists: The Unknown, Brilliant Russian Horror VIY: SPIRIT OF EVIL

Witches, flying coffins, drunk priests, and a film-making style that many say went on to influence Sam Raimi and many other horror greats! This doesn’t quite sound like stuffy Soviet cinema from the 1960s, but it is! From the early days of the revolution, communist leaders in Russia realized the importance of the film industry. […]