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Podcast Recommendation: JUST THE DISCS Follow-Up On The “Collector Mentality!”

Last week, I had shared a special bonus episode of the JUST THE DISCS podcast. For those new to it, JUST THE DISCS is a movie-centric podcast hosted by Brian Saur (of the Pure Cinema podcast and Rupert Pupkin Speaks blog) where he talks about recently released Blu-Ray titles. It’s normally a solo affair for […]


JUST THE DISCS Podcast Discussion On The Physical Media “Collector Mentality!”

Are you still a collector of physical media? Do you love buying movies? Vinyl? Books? Whatever your thing is, there’s still something to be said about collecting tangible things. Even younger generations that have grown up in a digital world that are used to iPods and iTunes and streaming suddenly have the desire to get […]

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10 Fantastic, Underrated Horror Films

The following is a guest post from friend of, Brian Saur. He is an expert on lesser known horror film classics, so we asked him to name 10 under-seen horror gems. And he picked some great ones! Brian Saur: I run a film blog called¬†Rupert Pupkin Speaks,¬†wherein I try to highlight older films that […]