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This Is The Zodiac Speaking: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Greatest Slasher Movie Ever Made

Ten years ago this week, David Fincher’s masterpiece, ZODIAC, hit theaters and, like so many beautiful things, the world all but ignored it. Audiences didn’t show up and it won exactly one award; Best Director at the Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Awards. In truth, while we all know the movie is perfect (don’t @ me), […]

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I Love You, Winona Ryder

I’m going to date myself here, so please don’t laugh at grampa Faraci too much, ok? I was eleven when BEETLEJUICE came out. My family went opening weekend, and when we walked out of the theater, there were cameras and lights. They were filming the audience for one of those testimonial type commercials and at […]

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Stuart Gordon’s Unmade IRON MAN: When The “Masters Of Horror” Almost Made MARVEL Movies

As someone that grew up an avid reader of comic books, we are currently living in glorious times. Most of my favorites have all already graced the silver screen, and they’ll pretty much continue to do so for the next decade. But there was a time when it seemed like we’d never get a live-action […]