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Watch This Guy Rock The Hell Out Of IRON MAIDEN’s “The Trooper” On Banjo!

Seriously, I love the insane genius of musician┬áRob Scallon. We’ve shared a few of his previous videos before and they’re all pretty unique. Sure, you remember when he rocked the hell out of Megadeth’s “Holy Wars” on a shovel. Or how he covered Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” with bells. Or the epic banjo […]


Watch These Guys Rock The F Out Of Master Of Puppets On Banjo!

This isn’t the first time that we’ve featured the insanely talented, multi-instrumental musician┬áRob Scallon on the site. Last time we saw him, he was rockin’ the hell out of Megadeth’s thrash metal classic “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” on a custom made electric shovel! (Seeing is believing, fiends, and you can see it here!) Today, […]


Watch This Dude Shred MEGADETH’s Holy Wars On A One-Stringed Shovel

One of the advantages of having so much access to just about anything via social networking sites and video outlets such as You Tube is you get to discover some of the most wildly inventive and talented people on the planet. Case in point: before yesterday, I had no idea who Rob Scallon was. But […]