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Can RESIDENT EVIL 7 Revitalize the Series Without The Father of Survival Horror?

In order to understand the influence of RESIDENT EVIL, you have to understand how it came to be through eyes of the father of the survival horror genre, Shinji Mikami. Shinji Mikami came to work at Capcom in 1990 as a game planner.┬áHe had a dark past where he had admitted being afraid of his […]

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RESIDENT EVIL Games: Ranked Worst to Best (Just In Time For UMBRELLA CORPS)

With Capcom’s newest game, UMBRELLA CORPS, set to release on June 21st, we figured it was as good a time to look back at the epic survival horror series and rank some of the most memorable releases from worst to best. 10 (Worst)- RESIDENT EVIL 5 RESIDENT EVIL 5 was the fifth major game release […]