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JEFF THE KILLER Creepypasta Movie in the Works!

A while back, in our detailed introduction to the nightmarish web phenomenon known as creepypasta (if you’re new to the concept, think of it as “Creepypasta 101”), we delved into one of the more familiar and meme-inspiring images from internet lore: that of “Jeff the Killer,” a horrific white face with lidless eyes and an […]

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Can You Solve the Mystery of this Disturbing Viral Video?

We’ve previously introduced you to some of the creepiest paranormal videos ever posted to YouTube (be sure to check them out if you’re ready for a sleepless night), but this find might be even more disturbing; despite making no claims to being supernatural in nature, there is something about this clip – and particularly the […]

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Time for another helping of creepypasta – myths, legends and other chilling tales from the darkest recesses of the web — and this time you’d better buckle up, because we’re going down our darkest path yet, to examine alleged first-hand accounts of a website that may or may not have once existed: “Normal Porn for […]