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There’s Something Wrong with the Children: 10 Frightening Flicks with Possessed Kids

Speaking as a father, I can attest to the fact that children are pretty damn creepy. Most parents will question occasionally if their 3-year-old is actually possessed as they demonically throw crayons or hurl their milk at the wall. But in movies, it gets much worse. THE DARKNESS is opening in theaters on May 13th and […]


6 Foreign Horror Movies We Want On Blu-Ray

Yesterday, we looked at 6 classic horror titles that, for whatever reason, have not made the upgrade to Blu-Ray, at least commercially here in the States. Cultivating that list of movies managed to get me thinking about a lot of other deserving flicks that still haven’t been given the proper high def / special edition […]

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10 REALLY SCARY Movies You May Have Missed

THEM aka ILS (2006) PLOT: Clementine and Lucas are spending a quiet weekend in a remote Bucharest cabin.  The young couple realizes just how isolated they are when their car is stolen in the middle of the night, the phones are disconnected, and then finally the lights go out.  Soon they find themselves being terrorized […]