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The Horror Remakes We Genuinely Love

Remakes have been and always will be a tricky thing. Some enjoy them, and some don’t. Some of them work, and some don’t. Some are made for the right reasons, and some are made for a buck. That’s the nature of the game. We’ve been fortunate enough to see a few remakes come along that […]

Films Scary Fun 

13 Horror Movie Remakes & Reboots Coming in 2017

Yesterday I wrote an article on how remakes and reboots are an inevitable part of Hollywood (read it here). Love them or hate them, there are plenty of horror reboots and remakes heading your way in 2017. Here are the thirteen that we are paying close attention to. AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING Releasing: January 5, 2017 […]


Are We Stuck in the ’80s? The Pros and Cons of Horror Nostalgia

As it has been stated by a slew of critics over the course of cinema history, horror is the one genre that will never die. In terms of mainstream cinematic entertainment, other trends fall in and out of fashion, and certain genres rise and fall at the mercy of popular opinion. Horror, however, has always […]