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As a life-long fan of professional wrestling and horror movies, I always felt like the odd-girl out in my peer groups. As I got older, my tastes grew even further away from what was expected, and a sense of isolation began bubbling bigger and bigger. Luckily, the horror and film community took to the internet […]

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If anyone could make you a believer of UFOs and aliens, it’s Robert Stack and his ominous voiceover. UNSOLVED MYSTERIES depicted many cases of murder and missing people, and it also featured stories about mysterious events, strange phenomena, and unexplainable sightings. Many of those unexplainable sightings were of UFOs accompanied by bright lights flying in […]

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Was Thomas Edison a Murderer? The Mysterious Disappearance of a Film Pioneer

Anyone who has taken a film history class has learned about the Lumiére Brothers and Thomas Edison, who are recognized as some of the earliest pioneers of motion picture camera technology. However, there is another name that only ever crops up in a paragraph or two, despite having the most intriguing story of all: Louis […]

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The Bizarre Case of Nicholas Barclay and His Imposter

When 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay phoned home for a ride in his San Antonio, Texas neighborhood, his older brother refused to help him. He would disappear following the call, never to be seen again. Until, three years later he called for help again—only this time he was calling from Spain. The day that Barclay disappeared was […]

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You’re In A Cult, Call Your Dad: Five Of The Weirdest Cults In Human History

We all want to be part of something. We want to be with those who think like us, who enjoy the things we enjoy, who make us feel less alone and less weird. Some of us find that on the school yard at a young age. Others need to wait until we get to our […]

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Gilles de Rais: The Serial Killer Compatriot of Joan of Arc

“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” -Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy History is an ever closing wound that is easily ripped open again. We tend to mythologize […]

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10 Ridiculously Spooky Unexplained Things Caught On Video!

You know, these kind of videos are always making the rounds. And in fact, this particular one has been up online since October of 2016, Halloween season! But it popped up in my Facebook feed this morning, I watched it, and it creeped me out enough to share. I figure what better way to kick […]

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The Dingo Ate My Baby: The Horrifying True Story Behind A Pop Culture Joke

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The dingo ate my baby” at least once in your life. Elaine mimicked an Australian accent as she said it on an episode of SEINFELD in the 90s. Oz’s band was named Dingoes Ate My Baby in the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER series, and the phrase was even used to […]

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The Strange Unsolved Murder of Holly Bobo

The dog’s barks went right through him like a bullet. He shot up in bed, in a daze. Something was wrong. He peered out his window and spotted his sister, Holly, kneeling on the ground. A person wearing camouflage shorts—who looked like her boyfriend—was standing above her, talking continuously. Holly’s face was contorted and confused. […]


This Is The Zodiac Speaking: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Greatest Slasher Movie Ever Made

Ten years ago this week, David Fincher’s masterpiece, ZODIAC, hit theaters and, like so many beautiful things, the world all but ignored it. Audiences didn’t show up and it won exactly one award; Best Director at the Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Awards. In truth, while we all know the movie is perfect (don’t @ me), […]

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The REAL LIFE Story of Four Portland Students Locked in a Haunted House

[Note: Some of this story comes from urban legend passed on over the years, but the bulk of it can be confirmed by historical record. The names of the four college students have been changed to respect their privacy.] Ghosts haunt history. That’s just how it works. You never hear stories of specters and ghouls […]

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The Ghosts of Pike Place Market, The Most Haunted Place In Seattle

Visiting a place and knowing that it has been reported haunted is a thrilling experience. You go there with the expectation that something— or someone— will make you jump out of your skin. The desire for confirmation of the paranormal activity is so strong that you may even begin to exaggerate your experience. However, what’s […]

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Welcome to Lily Dale — Home of the Paranormal

In the winter of 1844, Dr. Moran traveled from his home in Vermont to Laona, a small village near Cassadaga Lake in New York. Dr. Moran, a mesmerist, had made a name for himself by touting the healing powers of hypnotism, and his teachings had caught the attention of William Johnson, who’s friend Jeremiah Carter […]