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New York’s Forgotten 9/11 Murder

On September 11, 2001, the city of New York saw 2,607 people murdered. 2,606 of those souls were lost when two planes that had been hijacked by monsters flew them into the Twin Towers. These lives, the lives of so many who were surely so loved by those in their lives, will never be forgotten, […]

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Was Thomas Edison a Murderer? The Mysterious Disappearance of a Film Pioneer

Anyone who has taken a film history class has learned about the Lumiére Brothers and Thomas Edison, who are recognized as some of the earliest pioneers of motion picture camera technology. However, there is another name that only ever crops up in a paragraph or two, despite having the most intriguing story of all: Louis […]

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Ruin Your New Year’s With These Top 10 SCARIEST Clown Sightings Video!

It’s not 2017 yet, so we figured you guys would probably want one last story all about creepy clowns! From the Nexus You Tube page, below you’ll find one of their latest videos that focuses on the 10 scariest clown sightings! Brace yourself!

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5 Brutal And Shocking Christmas Murders

While shoppers scurry around for last minute gifts, families prepare for stressful travels, and Santa double checks the naughty list, someone will probably be planning a murder. Murders happen every day, but when they happen on Christmas it seems so much worse. Christmas represents family, celebration and life. But, sometimes those things don’t matter to […]

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Charles Manson: How to Make Friends and Influence People

In 1936, Dale Carnegie’s self-help book, How to Win Friends and Influence People became a bestseller, going on to sell over 30 million copies worldwide. The book, published by Simon & Schuster, teaches readers how to use their charm and personality to become a leader, win people over, and become successful. How to Win Friends […]

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Could This Phone Recording Help Solve The Murder Of Amber Tuccaro?

“You better not be taking me anywhere I don’t want to go,” Amber Tuccaro said loudly as she hid her cell phone at her side. She was in a car with a strange man, and she knew something wasn’t right. She managed to secretly make a call—a call that would be recorded on the other […]

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This Twitter User Spotted A Mother F-ing Snake On His Mother F-ing Plane!

It’s been 10 years since Samuel L. Jackson helped save a plane full of people from a group of deadly snakes. And now, it seems that sometimes real life can get just as strange as fiction! Via Gizmado, Twitter user Indelicio Medina was on a commercial flight to Mexico City when this little castaway made […]

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The Horrific Richardson Family Murders & The Surprising Aftermath

Young love can be powerful. The person you love is all you can think about. They’re all that’s important in your world. Anyone who is against your relationship is an enemy. And if someone tries to stop you from being with that person, you will do everything in your power to defy them. Everyone knows […]

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Ronald “The Candy Man” O’Bryan : The Man Who Killed Halloween

One of the biggest rules of Halloween is to always check your candy. Every year, parents would warn their children about the possibilities of receiving poisoned candy from a maniac with a vendetta. As a kid, one couldn’t help but imagine razorblades piercing into your gums and filling your mouth up with blood. You were […]

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Jeffrey Dahmer And The One Who Got Away

Jeffrey Dahmer really needs no introduction. One of the “heavyweights” of serial killers, Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys between the late seventies and early nineties. He enjoyed prowling for his victims in gay clubs, decapitating them and having sex with their corpses. While most of his chosen prey succumbed to his evil desires, there […]

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Let’s Not Meet: The Horrifying Truth Behind The Man In The Yellow Rain Coat

If you’ve ever scanned the sub-Reddit “Lets Not Meet,” then you’re aware of the many close encounters people have had with danger and death. The stories are presented as real, but some are so terrifying and intense you would hope that they were made up. In one particular story, a woman comes face to face […]

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The Shocking Suicide That Inspired Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”

By the time Pearl Jam had released their third single and video from their debut album, TEN, in late 1992, they were already on the cusp of super stardom, following in line with a long list of Seattle-based bands that the media and record labels were hoping would be “the next Nirvana.” They’d already successfully […]

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Lucky And Billy Ray Fight The Goblins

Do you believe in aliens? What about goblins? What if, and stick with me here, what if aliens are goblins? Did I just blow your mind? If I did, you need to go get a new mind right away, cause I’m about to blow that one too. I’m gonna take you back to Kelly, Kentucky […]