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This Start-Up Company is Working on a Way to Resurrect the Dead

Yes, you read that right. But if you’re already seeing visions of Herbert West running rampant with his glowing syringe, creating armies of rowdy, murderous zombies, you might need to dial your fears (or fantasies?) down a few clicks, because artificial intelligence entrepreneur Josh Bocanegra has something else in mind… pardon the pun. Bocanegra has […]


THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE Is Back & Better Than Ever!

It’s hard to shake that image of Jan Compton (Virginia Leith) aka Jan The Pan with her severed head in a little medical plate filled with blood, and headphones and wires protruding from what’s left of her. I’ve always been familiar with this visage from THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE, but like a lot of horror/sci-fi […]


Amok Time Brings Your Favorite MONSTARZ to the Toy Shelf!

Originally airing on September 15th of 1967, ‘Amok Time’ was the premiere episode of STAR TREK’s second season. In the episode, Spock returns to his home world and takes part in a strange Vulcan mating ritual, and it’s notable for being the only episode to feature scenes on the planet. But we’re not here to […]

Scary Fun 

Take a Look Behind the Scenes of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, Season 3!

The third season of Glass Eye Pix’s astounding horror radio drama TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE is now underway, and as we’ve clued you in previously, there’s some amazing talent at work on these creepy, immersive audio presentations. You’ll get to hear from several of these genre greats in this recently posted featurette from Glass […]


The Rise & Fall Of EMPIRE PICTURES – An Interview With Documentarian Daniel Griffith

Any of us that grew up in the VHS generation are familiar with the films of Charles Band. Whether it be as a producer or a director, through Full Moon Entertainment or Empire Pictures, you no doubt have rented and discovered one of the crazy movies in his vast filmography. But there is that one […]

Films Toys 

Leprechauns, Graboids & Killer Klowns: SOTA Toys’ Unreleased “Now Playing” Series 4

Toys based on our favorite horror movies are pretty prevalent on shelves nowadays, thanks largely to companies like NECA and Funko. But there was a time, not all that long ago, where that wasn’t quite the case. In the late ’90s, Todd McFarlane’s McFarlane Toys brought many beloved horror icons into our action figure collections […]


Interview: Brian Yuzna Comes Clean On SOCIETY!

As a video store kid of the 80’s, I was always on the hunt for something that would blow my mind and shock my friends. This wasn’t that hard to do in the golden VHS era of the fantastic but at a certain point it felt like I’d seen it all. That was until I […]

Scary Fun 

See How You Would Have Done at Dead Right Horror Trivia Night, October 2015!

This past Thursday, the horror nerds of Los Angeles once again gathered to battle genre wits and go home with some sweet prizing. Co-hosts Rebekah McKendry, Jared Rivet, and Dave Parker also welcomed guest hosts Darin Scott (director/producer) and Adam Gierasch (director) to dole out some tough trivia! In the end, team “Monster Squad” won […]

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5 Fearsome Horror Flicks Now Streaming on Netflix Instant!

Looking for the perfect frightening flicks for Halloween? Blumhouse has you covered! Here are our selections of the best horror movies streaming on Netflix Instant for the week of October 26th, Halloween week! HOUSEBOUND (2014) This New Zealand horror comedy focuses on a young girl who is placed under house arrest with her mother. She […]

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5 Horror Movies That Should Be Made Into TV Series!

It’s the latest craze: turning a popular (or at least vaguely notable) horror movie into a television series, exploiting a fun idea and/or a complex mythology for fun and profit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of these series sound like terrible ideas on paper, but turn out perfectly entertaining (like BATES MOTEL) […]