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Jack Black & Die Antwoord Go Rat-Sh*t Insane in the Short Film TOMMY CAN’T SLEEP [NSFW]

“Yo, you wanna see something cool? Come look inside the Rat Hole…” That’s the eerie bedside invitation given by Yolandi Visser of South African rap duo Die Antwoord to a young boy named Tommy (16 Jones), who apparently hasn’t slept for days because — and this is a direct quote from the YouTube description — […]

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Horror Movies and TV Shows Coming to Netflix in December

Some really great horror movies and shows are coming to Netflix in December including a lot of new movies that were horror festival darlings this past year. I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER was one of my favorite indie horrors and definitely Christopher Lloyd’s best performance in decades. RATS is a seriously squirmy and gross […]


Is RATS The Most Disgusting Movie Ever Made…?

Revulsion. Like all of the most unpleasant sensations it serves a valuable purpose. We enter a room full of rancid stink, and we say to ourselves, “Selves, let’s go in a different room.” We take a bite out of rotten food, and we say to ourselves, “Selves, this food sucks.” But then of course, we […]

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CREEPYPASTA: Got a Little Rodent Problem? Pray It’s Not THE RAT KING

Today’s creepypasta begins with a horrific historical prologue involving a rare, disturbing and supposedly authentic phenomenon known as a “Rat King” — the antiquated term describing a nest of live rats whose tails become so tightly entangled that they are unable to escape, eventually dying of thirst and starvation, or possibly even devouring each other. An allegedly […]