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Long-Lost ’70s Slasher THE INTRUDER Makes its Blu Debut This Summer! Watch the Trailer Here!

I love when a long lost horror gem resurfaces after all these years. But here’s one I’d never even heard of! It’s a 1975 horror movie titled THE INTRUDER (not to be confused with Scott Spiegel’s 1989 directorial debut) starring Mickey Rooney, Yvonne DeCarlo and Ted Cassidy! This thing never got a home video release […]

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10 Fascinating Horror Movies You’ve Likely Never Seen

Looking for something new this weekend? Try one of the lesser-known horror films below. All of these films are fantastic, but for one reason or another never got the acclaim and attention they deserved. Make a weekend of it, and watch some rare and obscure horror! IN THE FOLDS OF THE FLESH (1970) This is a […]

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Ten More 1980s Horror Movies You Likely Haven’t Seen

A few week’s back, we posted a list of rare 1980s horror movies. These were all either under-appreciated, received less-than-stellar distribution deals, or for several of them, they never made it past a VHS release and have long since been forgotten. Check out our prior list here.  And we have added 10 more below, some […]

Rediscovering a Lost Horror Gem: The Incredibly Rare MURDER BY THE CLOCK

You won’t find this one on Amazon or Netflix. Actually, you will have to do some detective work to find it anywhere. Though not a “lost” film (there are bootlegs circulating), MURDER BY THE CLOCK (1931) is not available in any normal consumer format and sadly never has been. Based on a novel and stage […]