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Test Your Xenomorph IQ With Our ALIEN Movie Quiz!

ALIEN: COVENANT is hitting theaters on May 19th — so like a good little horror fan I’ve been marathoning the ALIEN franchise in anticipation. It’s such a fascinating series, with so many unique visions at the helm, that I couldn’t resist putting together a little round of trivia for you all. Check out the quiz […]

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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know M. Night Shyamalan Movies?

Right now is a great time to be a Shyamalan fan.  SPLIT’s monstrous opening weekend and high critical praise (particularly for a late-era M. Night flick) has everyone buzzing about the one-time wunderkind and what seems to many like the second (maybe third if you count WAYWARD PINES) victory lap of his comeback. Inspired by […]

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QUIZ: Name that Vincent Price Movie!

Throughout his long career, actor Vincent Price had many “looks” for many different roles. How well do you know his horror legacy? The quiz below is from a round of last month’s Dead Right Horror Trivia Night, a monthly horror trivia event based in Los Angeles. The players were given only two minutes to identify the […]

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QUIZ: Which of These Horror Classics Has Been Remade?

Despite an increasing exhaustion with the trend, the continuous remaking of well-known films (usually the ones  that were seminal to Gen-Xers) persists. Many, many studios, resting comfortably on a bed of brand-name recognition, have forced us to re-watch, re-analyze, and reconsider just about anything even vaguely recognizable to a mass audience. It’s easy to see […]

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Try Our BLAIR WITCH Quiz Created by Writer Simon Barrett!

Each month in Los Angeles, Dead Right Horror Trivia hosts an evening of horror-themed pub trivia. Over a hundred horror fans compete for prizes, and often rounds are guest hosted by horror icons. This past month, BLAIR WITCH writer Simon Barrett hosted a round on the entire BLAIR WITCH franchise including the movies, books, and […]

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The Ultimate House of 1000 Corpses 13th Anniversary Quiz!

Thirteen years ago, we first met Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding, a murderous trio who would soon become known as The Devil’s Rejects. HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES is one of the most beloved horror films to come along in the past couple decades, and if you’re one of those fans who holds it near and […]

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How Well Do You Know VHS Box Covers? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

Many of the Blumhouse staffers love reminiscing about the time we spent in VHS rental stores just looking at the horror box art. It captivated our imaginations and made us excited to see the movies! We soon discovered that, in most cases, we could name the film’s title just from seeing the old box art. We have collected […]

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Been Watching STRANGER THINGS? Take Our Quiz & Find Out How Much You Remember!

Last week at DEAD RIGHT HORROR TRIVIA NIGHT in Los Angeles, co-host Jared Rivet presented a round on the amazing Netflix Original series STRANGER THINGS. Have you been watching? Try out the DEAD RIGHT HORROR TRIVIA NIGHT quiz for STRANGER THINGS below!

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QUIZ: Can You Name These MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Movies?

Every month in Los Angeles, we host a horror pub trivia event called DEAD RIGHT HORROR TRIVIA where over 100 ultimate horror geeks gather to battle brains for sweet horror prizing. This past month was “90s Night” where all questions and rounds had to come from 90s movies and TV shows. Horror guru Daniel Nix […]

The Truth is Out There: Take Our X-FILES Quiz and Revisit this Legendary Series

X-FILES fans are anxiously awaiting the upcoming new TV series slated for debut in 2016. But let’s remember why we love this show so much! Now, over 20 years after the original show premiered, how much do you remember? Take our X-FILES quiz, and see what you recall from Scully and Mulder’s epic battles with […]