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The Time Rocker Joan Jett Helped Apprehend a Killer

Any ’90s punk kid worth their weight in black leather likely knows all about the short-lived punk band The Gits. To offer a brief introduction for the unfamiliar, The Gits were formed in Ohio in the mid-1980s, and eventually relocated to Seattle to take advantage of the then-burgeoning early-’90s music scene. This was a time […]


Watch This Drummer Play Every NIRVANA Album In 5 Minutes

The beautiful thing about the Internet, and in particular You Tube, is that if you search, you’ll uncover some of the most talented & incredible people in the world. We’ve shown you people rocking Metallica songs on banjo or Megadeth tunes on a custom made shovel. But for Kye Smith, he’s got a very specific, […]


Evidence The Director Of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 6 Rocks Hard

Outside of directing FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VI: JASON LIVES, Tom McLoughlin has had a fascinating and eclectic career. For the curious, you should definitely check out Joseph Maddrey’s book “A Strange Idea of Entertainment: Conversations with Tom McLoughlin,” where you’ll learn all about his time as a mime in the 1970s studying in Paris with […]


The Many Faces Of “Evil” In NEW YEAR’S EVIL!

I’m sure, like a lot of you out there, you probably spent your New Year’s Eve watching one of the only proper New-Year-related horror films out there, NEW YEAR’S EVIL. It’s a pretty wacky “slasher” movie that arrived just at the start of that trend courtesy of none other than Golan & Globus. And when […]