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This Attempt to Recreate “The Ganzfeld Experiment” Produced Nightmarish Results

The following information comes from a series of posts by user EvraVon53, who reveals how he tried his own replication of the controversial “Ganzfeld Experiment” while in college. Though the date of the attempt is not given (it’s assumed to be during the past decade), this particular test has been around since 1974. The goal […]


Chilling Ghost Photo Baffles Famed Spook-Buster Houdini!

Spiritualist debunker, ghost hunter and master magician Harry Houdini could dismiss every single spirit world photograph he was ever challenged with — except for one chilling photo. Houdini, who was born Erich Weiss, achieved world renown as an escape artist, and then mysteriously began one of the earliest probes of psychic phenomena during the early […]