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Revisiting CUBE 20 Years Later

We go to sleep every night expecting to awaken in the same bed, in the same home, the next day. But what if we didn’t. Instead you awaken in a cold, unfeeling, industrialized hell filled with deadly traps, an unbearable void, and worse yet… other people. This is the basic premise of CUBE, the 1997 […]

Real Life Scares 

The Sinister History of Tasmania’s Port Arthur Prison

Prison is not pleasant, no matter the facility or the supposedly enlightened beliefs of those in charge. One of the most infamous prisons, the Port Arthur penal colony of Tasmania, believed that their methods were actually therapeutic. Boy, were they wrong. Port Arthur initially opened as a timber station in 1830, but by 1833 it […]

Image Credit: iStock/Becky Jenson

Real Life Scares 

This Prison May Soon Be Guarded by Crocodiles, Tigers and Piranhas

To deal with security issues at an isolated death-row prison, Indonesian officials are considering measures straight out of a James Bond villain’s playbook: in addition to the usual armed guards, the island-based maximum security compound may also be surrounded by wild tigers on land, and equally dangerous crocodiles & piranha fish in the surrounding waters. […]


13 Kickass Japanese LaserDisc Covers

There may be some of you out there who have never heard of a LaserDisc. You make us feel old, but you were also kind of missing out. Naturally technology has evolved beyond these giant optical discs, which were about the size of a vinyl record, but there was a time when LaserDiscs represented the […]